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Zoo Music Girl

ah wanna tell you bout a girl...

"zoo_music_girl: More than a woman - a genre!" - naturalbornkaos

"It's the unique combination of snow-white loveliness and black-hearted evil that makes her so entirely irresistible." - childeric

"You bring order to my chaos" - childeric

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Wish List
alastair reynolds, alexander hacke, alternative music, amnesty international, argentine tango, art, atheism, barcelona, bats, bauhaus, big black, birthday party, black orchid, blixa bargeld, books, books of magic, boss hog, buffy the vampire slayer, chocolate, chocolate covered cherries, christopher brookmyre, cinema, cinnamon, comics, congo norvell, cooking, cryptic crosswords, dancing, dead and buried, der himmel uber berlin, die haut, dinosaurs, edinburgh, eighties matchbox b-line disaster, einstürzende neubauten, fiction, fiftytonsofblackterror, films, fiona music, firefly, firewater, fm einheit, gaudi, gigs, good quality chocolate, gothic punk, graham clark ranting, graphic novels, green & black's chocolate, growing things, halloween, halloween tat, hellblazer, iain banks, iain m. banks, iceland, iggy and the stooges, iggy pop, independent art-wank cinema, jack o' lanterns, jarboe, john cale, john constantine, john peel, joy division, kate atkinson, kid congo powers, killing joke, lilies, live music, london, loud guitars, lucifer, lydia lunch, mark chung, martian sluts, mastodon, mazikeen, michael gira, michael marshall smith, mick harvey, mike carey, music, nick cave, nightmare before christmas, nu unruh, old school goth, patti smith, paul a. young chocolates, penthouse (the band), post punk, preacher, pumpkins, qotsa, queen adreena, rammstein, rathaus, reading, recycling, rowland s. howard, science, science fiction, serenity, sex gang children, shellac, siouxsie and the banshees, sonic youth, strictly come dancing, swans, tembld, the bad seeds, the birthday party, the books of magic, the boys next door, the cramps, the gin palace, the grauniad, the invisibles, the princess bride, the sandman, the wire, tim hunter, vertigo comics, vinyl records, volcanoes, william gibson, wings of desire